want happy racers?

Build a virtual challenge for your company or nonprofit, and this is what participants will say!

  • You make running fun. Thanks.

  • Motivating, easy to use and just fun.

  • It helps me run even a mile if I don't have time for a longer run."


Chris Fletcher


"I’m pretty competitive and I do a lot better when there are other people involved. A coworker told me my virtual workplace challenge got him exercising consistently and now he's averaging about 25 miles/week! It's contagious!"
Read more about Chris' experience here!

Sarah Tacker

Raleigh, NC

"The people I cycle with are not actually fast people, just a very friendly group. We use Racery to give each other thumbs-up or to comment about a ride."
Read more about Sarah's' experience here!

Alison Engelbrecht and Willow

KwaZulu Natal Midlands of South Africa

Alison and her rescue German Shepherd, Willow Walker use Racery to track their miles together. They also raise awareness for animal rescue initiatives. Check out Willow's Facebook Page to follow her adventures. In 2022 they did 3,500 kilometers together!

Lisl Coady

Anchorage, AK

"Daily emails from Racery are the perfect nudge to keep me out there running every day! I love to see my progress on the map and the support from fellow racers from all over!"

Ian J.

Durham, NC

"In many ways, Racery added an extra push to my conditioning, because I typically swim 5-8 miles a week, but this race forced me to do 10!"

Anjanette Wiley

Raleigh, NC

"Nothing like a little competition to motivate my training."

Keri Walls

Louisville, KY

"Seeing my progress along the virtual races keeps me motivated to get my mileage in, especially when I have friends from across the country that I am competing against!"

Amy Greenan

Niagara Falls, NY

"I love Racery for a few reasons – the camaraderie, the competition, and the "travel"! It's been a great motivator for me as a slow, but eager and determined runner!"

Liz Bloomhardt

Chapel Hill, NC

"I’ve been running for a long time, but since having a baby, Racery has provided me new motivation to get out on the roads and trails to build back my fitness!"

Ed McDaniel

Linville, NC

"Because it’s a long-term race, I’ve found that I can work my way up gradually. I look at where the next person is, and think ‘if I run a little more, I can catch this person!"

John Rees

Chapel Hill, NC

"Having my miles out there for all my buds to see motivates me to keep training, even when I don't want to."

Carolina Sperduti

Delray Beach, FL

"I ran 53 miles in 5 days so I could finish the keys race before one of the guys that said was going to beat me… LOL!"

William Curll

South Texas

"At age 71, I have really gotten into Racery. My main objective is to keep active. I also lost 5 pounds in the process!"

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